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All participants in our training stated that they were provided with a better understanding of disability and incusive practice and gained tools to use for future plans.

One participant summed up their feelings,

“This course has changed my outlook – not just in work but also in my personal life and the way I will think about children I see doing things outwith, like in the supermarket. We will observe now. We will ask questions and reflect on our policies and how we look at children’s behaviour”

“I enjoyed today’s course as it gave me a better understanding of children with Autism and tools / strategies on how to promote communication and positive behaviour”

“I really enjoyed this course with the discussions we had our different views and feedback from other staff members and being more aware of the situation rather than just making assumptions”

“I found this course very effective in providing me with more knowledge and understanding of inclusion and also how to approach behaviour”

“Interesting and informative” “I learnt a lot!” “I understand more about positive behaviour”

“I thought the course was delivered well and was easily understood. Also the information was very helpful and gave me a better insight into children with Autism”

“A very enjoyable training course. I found it very effective and interesting”

Participants said they liked the way “the day was broken into different aspects with group discussions and open discussions with the staff team” and more than half said that they would like more training and / or updates.