Keys to Inclusion contributed to chapter five on Personalisation in a book published in April 2012, Social Work with Adults Palgrave Macmillan, edited by Martin Davies.

We must mention a book that should not be confused with us but has a very good name!

“Keys To Inclusion” by Colin Newton and Derek Wilson.

‘The Keys to Inclusion book is revolutionary and indeed a Bible for the inclusion movement, I hope people professing to be inclusive read  it carefully and then put that into practice, The world will be such a more simpler and better place if that happens! ‘(Quote from a Parent – Feb 2011)

Also see

Human Rights and School Change The Newham story by Linda Jordan and Chris Goodey

Inclusion: Recent Research by Gary Bunch and Angela Valeo

Inclusion: What Young People Tell Us Research by Anne Darby and Ailsa Fairley Compiled by Penny Barratt, Anne Darby, Julia Hayes, Ruth Jobson

LEA Inclusion Trends LEAs 1997-2001 by Brahm Norwich

‘In Community, Practical lessons in supporting isolated people to be part of
community’. Carl Poll, Jo Kennedy and helen Sanderson (eds)  HSAPress, ISBN 9781906514259

The backdrop to this book is the government’s personalisation agenda.  The
new system is opening the door to community for millions of people who, until now, have probably been the most isolated in Britain; disabled people, older people,those with mental health problems and people with long term

‘People. Plans and Practcalities. Achieving change through person centred
planning’  Pete Ritchie, Helen Sanderson, Jackie Kilbane, Martin Routledge SHS, ISBN 1899751211 (old short ISBN). .

Person centred planning is moving from something done by eccentric outsiders with coloured pens to being a part of government policy. This book is a practical guide for would-be implementers of person centred planning who want to travel the world between making plans and changing lives.

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