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Learning outcomes will be agreed at the stage of designing the training but typically include some or all of the following;

At the end of our introductory course, the course participants will;

  • Be confident that they can take steps to include disabled children in play and group settings a meaningful way
  • Be committed to policies and practice that prevent problems from arising and respond to children’s behaviour in a positive and not a punitive way
  • Recognise the importance of language and terms that are respectful towards children and families
  • Be able to explain the impact of labelling and the importance of meeting children’s individual requirements
  • Be able to state the key principles of the social model of disability
  • Recognise how their own attitudes and values have the potential for creating barriers to inclusion
  • Be able to explain the requirements of the Equality Act as it affects their service
  • Identify action points for future policy and practice to ensure inclusion