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We have been busy working on training for teachers and social workers / students as well as in the community.  One key recent development is setting up and advising 'Children Inc' East Lothian.  Funded through the 'Better Breaks' fund, the project is working with families to open up communities to include disabled children.

A report showing that services for disabled young people and their families have declined significantly across Scotland due to the impact of public sector cuts shows the need to keep working to involve and include children and young people..

It Always Comes Down to Money examines changes in the availability and accessibility of publicly-funded services for families with disabled children.  Read it at

We need to ensure more control for families and that ordinary places in our communities are more open and inclusive for everyone.  They need to be more accessible and better able to meet a diversity of needs. Disabled children (and adults) having more influence in communities is not just about equality – it benefits to everyone.

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