Boys skim boardingChildren and young people must be heard and involved.  Choice, control and having a say is a right!  We would love to hear from you and get your ideas.

For us, it is about working with you and your family and with people who want to make sure that children and young people get the lives that they want.

What we hear most from young people is that they want to do what they enjoy; do what other kids do and to be with people their own age.  Getting out and about in the local area and making friends can make a big difference.

Are there other things we should be focusing on?  Here is a Here’s a fantastic short film called ‘Who’s on my side’, featuring disabled children and young people, their siblings and family members.  They talk about why allies are important, the support they get, the support they want and what changes need to be made in education, health and social care services so that they can have real choice and control.

Let us know what you think.

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“I want to be treated the same as my brothers!” 

Views of Quality Of Life from Children and Young People who are Disabled and/or Living with Long Term Conditions

For the latest on what children and young people are saying look at this report by fSDC and LTCAS.

See 6 page briefing,

Full report