PeopleSignificant changes should be happening after the Social Care (Self Directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013.  New duties and responsibilities for local councils and service providers that started in 2014 mean that more power should be given to families to decide what works for them.  It should mean new ways of providing services with people choosing how they want to get support.


We can provide practical support to help you to move forward with self directed support.  Planning meetings, facilitating, training and working together with teams are some of the things we can do.

Our feedback to Scottish Government on the Draft Regulations highlighted the importance of involving children, young people and families.

We work within the networks that support and promote inclusion to bring about real and lasting change. The need for social, cultural and professional change and development often requires training and facilitation and / or awareness raising for staff involved in implementing change and developing new support approaches. Positive change can happen when people and organisations work together with a shared vision and with a spirit of collaboration rather than competition.

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What is needed?

'In order to support the kinds of community changes necessary to improve people's chances for a desirable future, virtually all existing human service policies and agencies will have to change the ways they regard people, the ways they relate to communities, the ways they spend money, the ways they define staff roles and responsibilities'

– O'Brien and Lovett


“Showcasing and celebrating good practice is something that we need to do: this helps us to remember and build on what we’re doing well and encourages us to set goals which aspire to do it even better.”

GDA Partner,
Learning Providers Reference Group.