Keys to Inclusion was founded in 2010 as a not for profit social enterprise.  We have learned from developments withing the disability field nationally and internationally and continue to learn from children and families and in collaboration and cooperation with others working for positive change.
Keys to Inclusion a tiny but well informed agency with a passion for fairness, equality and human rights.  We are currently involved in developing resources, training and supporting development of new projects (see ‘What we do’ page).Our Story

We started with a grant from FirstPort (Unlimited) and support from ‘The Melting Pot’ and ‘With People‘ who provide our website.  We met some great people, including Patti Smith from USA, and organisations like ‘In Control Scotland’, Inspiring Inclusion’. ‘EDG’ and ‘Inclusive Solutions’. (See Links page for more people we have worked with).We have developed training and been involved in work around person centred thinking tools and approaches, supporting teams, culture change, outcomes based work, person centred recruitment and supervision and enabling risk.  We are now working with families and organisations to increase choice, control and the rights of children and young people.

Shirley Cusack

If you would like to know more about our work or how we can help you please get in touch. Call us on 0131 447 1110 or email us at